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Librem 5 and Librem 5 USA: What are the Differences?

"We sometimes get questions from customers who are trying to decide between the Librem 5 and Librem 5 USA..."

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I was told mine would ship last month and it never did. Evergreen batch is having a very slow rollout.
You'd think hundreds of thousands of Librem5 were ordered... I hope I get mine before GSM is replaced with something else.
$1200 difference and both are overpriced by hundreds. Are the electronic chips/CPU/RAM manufactured in the USA?
If you understood the amount of software work that went into making this and the Pinephone possible, you would not think they are overpriced. Using the Pinephone as the basis for what is possible is misleading, and doesn't help the overall goal of breaking free of the duopoly.
how much of that software was open source community contribution? Still its overpriced. Even the laptops are overpriced. A price they probably feel entitled for the "social purpose company" slogan. For the Duopoly they can use Sailfish OS which is ready to use.
I'm not going to argue with you, because it isn't my job to educate you, but just look at the mobile userspace for linux phones before Purism started development on the Librem 5. Notice how there wasn't a user space that didn't revolve around an android kernel. Sure there are a few one off OSes out there, but none have mass support or adoption. Meantime, what Purism has enabled is a full desktop Linux OS on a phone. The same Linux you use on a desktop. If you can't see why that is significant and a massive development undertaking, well then this conversation will just never be productive.
Furthermore, just because something is open source, doesn't mean development costs on using it are free. That is a wild misunderstanding. Do you work for free? I imagine you wouldn't flip a burger for free, let alone develop on complex systems that require a lot of effort and time.
I said open source community. I do dedicate time to contribute/volunteer for free. Good for you if volunteer and get money out of it. Please compare #PinePhone to #Librem5 in price/specs then educate yourself. When you started saying "you", you lost my attention so this is the last of it.